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HC Reserves Order on Appeal by AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan against Bad Personal Mark MIGMG News

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The Delhi High Court on Friday retained its order on a petition by MLA Amanullah Khan against the city police calling him a “bad personality”, a decision the AAP leader claimed was bad faith and made in a mechanical manner. On the other hand, Delhi Police argued, that the relevant authorities followed due procedure to reach the decision under appeal, and that no sufficient material was presented before the court to prove any bad faith on their part. Judge Sudhir Kumar Jain, after hearing the parties’ oral arguments, said the arguments had been heard. Reserved rule.

Lawyer M Sufian Siddiqui, who appeared on behalf of the petitioner, asserted that the authorities acted very badly while claiming a replica of Al-Tarikh newspaper, a confidential document, which was published by the spokesperson of a rival political party on social media. Khan. The (history newspaper) was in your (police) custody. It is not a public document. This proves their bad behavior. Why are they staying away from the investigation (into the leak)? He argued. Alleging that the entire History newspaper was stripped of material, Khan’s lawyer added that such a decision should be a precaution for someone habitually addicted to crime. There are 18 cases in total (against the petitioner). Of these 18 cases, the petitioner was acquitted or acquitted in 14 or the case was complicated. These 14 cases could not form the basis. He said the remaining four cases, pending trial. The additional general counsel, on behalf of the Delhi Police, said the applicable rules were duly followed by the relevant authorities in the case and the decision was reached in light of the recorded material and after application of reason. The court said it would consider the official file related to the decision under appeal before handing over the order.

Earlier, Delhi Police said the reasons recorded by the approving authority are confidential in nature and cannot be shared with the petitioner. The Delhi Police had declared Khan a bad character earlier this year, according to an official document.

His proposal was sent on March 28 by Jamia Nagar Police Station in the southeast region and was approved on March 30. A total of 18 FIRs have been registered against him, the document said.

According to the police, a person involved in multiple criminal cases, including serious crimes such as murder and attempted murder, who may disturb the peace in an area, is considered a bad character.

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