hemangi kavi post: Who is the real tiger now? Discussion of hemangi poet post – who is tiger of shivsena eknath shinde or uddhav thackeray hemangi kavi post viral MIGMG News



Mumbai: The political atmosphere in the state has been shaken by the revolt of Eknath Shinde. There is a picture of power struggle intensifying after Shinde’s displeasure. Its repercussions were also seen on social media. Activists of political parties, ordinary citizens or celebrities from Cineworld are expressing themselves on social media.
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Actors Sumeer Raghavan, Aaroh Welankar, Hemant Thome’s tweets caused a lot of discussion. After this, now actress Hemangi Kavi Hina has also made a post. “Who do you want to call a real tiger now?” Said Hemangi.

Many have reacted differently to this post of Hemangi. One has said, ‘There are only two tigers in Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj’. So ‘Bai. . . You will be shocked by such comments. Caution ‘, said one user.
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Actress Deepali Syed had also tweeted about all these developments. In this tweet, he had mentioned Eknath Shinde as the tiger of Shiv Sena.

What did Deepali Syed say?

Those who say that Hon’ble Eknath Shindesaheb will join BJP, is BJP so worthy? The BJP’s IT cell’s Limbu Timbuni should not try to argue on social media. Shiv Sena’s tiger will not beat BJP ‘, said Syed to Deepila.



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