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hero alom news, sur lost and trapped; Famous Bangladeshi singer Hero Alom arrested for singing Besoor – for tuneless classical songs’ versions, bangladesh star grilled by police MIGMG News


News Agency, Dhaka: do you sing And do you sing well? But, if you don’t sing well and are going to Bangladesh for some reason, then don’t accidentally put the part of your song there. Because if you get out of tune, maybe the police there will turn on you and then you will have to sit in the jail there breaking your fingers in the name of bad tunes. If you don’t believe it, ask Hero Alom…

Hero Alom… famous singer from Bangladesh. He has nearly 2 million followers on Facebook and 1.5 million fans on YouTube. His song albums are extremely popular. In between, his Arabian Song had him disguised as an Arab and surrounded by camels with tantric charms. How many people have seen this song? Any ideas? As many as one crore seven million people! Why should it be time to get upset over such a singer?

It happened that, although this hero is popular etc., his voice is bad looking from the grammar of the songs. The unique style of singing is the basis of its popularity. As long as he was singing simple songs, he was fine. But last week he chose songs by Rabindranath Tagore and Qazi Nazrul Islam. Poems, songs and literature of these two are highly respected in Bangladesh. So, one fine morning last week, this Hero Mahashay was humming the classical songs of Tagore and Islam at his home. Then there was a knock on their door. The door opens and sees the police in front. ‘Hey sir, how stupid you are singing. You are a useless singer. Saying ‘stop your song…’ the police took Hero directly to the police station where he was detained for several yards. The police released him after almost eight hours, that too after submitting an apology for singing Tagore and Islam songs.

But what kind of hero will he listen to? He shared his feelings on social media. The fans also supported him a lot. Going further, Hero uploaded another video of another song on social media. In this song, the hero is seen in the clothes of a prisoner. The sentiment in that song is… ‘I’m going to the gallows now’.

Police has not yet taken any action on this song…

Rush to Bangladesh!

There were different voices on social media regarding the action taken against Hero. Some of protest… some of relaxation. Some even suggested, ‘Amka Amka Bekkar Gaato… Amaki Bekkar Gaate… Let’s see them venture to Bangladesh’.


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