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Hindus and Muslims together cremated the body of an 80-year-old woman in Kulgam. Her life was woven by Kashmiri solace MIGMG News


In times of grief and desperation over the murder of a Kashmiri cleaner, the valley has found its positive side as Muslims and Hindus come together to bid one last farewell to an 80-year-old woman.

cashmere And InsaniyatHe remained for a period of despair after the brutal murder of writer Rahul Bhatt who was killed on Thursday by gunmen inside Tehsil’s office in Chadora. Police blamed Lashkar-e-Taiba for the attack and claimed they killed two foreign terrorists in Bandipur, after they traveled to Chadiura to carry out Bhatt’s assassination. The 36-year-old employee, who had been with the Valley’s Department of Revenue for 11 years, met a tragic end; Stirring up gloom and tension across the country.

On Saturday, just two days after the perfidious act, villagers of Yar Khushipura in Kulgam district of southern Kashmir arranged a private funeral for Dolari Bhatt, an 80-year-old Hindu woman who died while attending a relative’s marriage in a nearby village. .

Early Saturday morning, she was brought to YK Pora for cremation. Since very few Hindu families resided there, local Muslim youths were commissioned to make funeral arrangements by the village elders.

And soon they arranged everything – to bring in pieces of wood to create a funeral pyre, and made an open casket to carry the corpse to the crematorium, and petals and incense – until the fire was put out.

Dolari had gone to Matan, Anantnag to attend her in-laws’ wedding when her condition deteriorated and she was on her last breath. She was taken to her home village of YK Pora where dozens of her Muslim neighbors were waiting for her body. Women lined up in rows near her house with tears in her eyes.

“We have lived together for the past fifty years and have stood by each other with joy and sorrow,” her friend Saja said as she meditated.

She said, “We used to celebrate holidays and attend marriages together and he never wronged us, we are of different faiths. Her death is a personal loss for me and an entire village. I will miss her.”

Neighbors remembered her as a kind and wise person who would help them with chores and mundane matters. Even younger women are fond of it and often turn up for advice.

“Our village is called Wakipora and it has been known as brotherhood for centuries. Our grandparents have lived together in this village. My younger son Rinku Bhatt and I have been friends for 30 years. We share a special bond,” one of the villagers is heard saying: “The village is the best example of goodness and unity.” We are proud of this legacy.”

Subhash Kumar Bhatt, Dolari’s son, acknowledged helping Muslims and said this was not unusual and people should not be surprised.

“Our family was grieving but they arranged everything for the cremation. Others said this is how communities should live.

The village elders state that since Dulari got married in the village, she has spent all her years at YK Pora, making friends and having long conversations.

The Bates did not leave Kashmir despite the murder of a dollar husband in the early 1990s. Over a period of time, the family’s wounds healed but Dolly never let them come her way. “Muslims and Hindus suffered in the early ’90s and never had any grudge against any community,” said Shauni Lal, a relative of hers who came for the funeral.

The Colgam Bonhomme family approaches in the wake of the tragic murder of Rahul Bhatt and a series of targeted attacks on minority members, non-local workers, police and politicians.

Kashmiris of all colors condemned the incident and organized candlelight protests and prayers to express their solidarity with Hindus over the selective killings.

The LG government in Jammu and Kashmir promised a government job in Jammu to Bhatt’s wife in addition to bearing the education expenses of her only daughter. The government attached the house officer to the Chadura station and ordered an investigation by a special murder investigation team to calm the wounded Kashmiri Pandits. However, the community staff working in the valley want the government to relocate them to Jammu so that they are given guaranteed security.

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