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Holika Dahan 2023 | These women should not watch Holika Dahan at all, otherwise you may have to repent for life, know the traditional beliefs MIGMG News

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Seema Kumari

New Delhi: The festival of colors, i.e. “Holi” has great significance in Hinduism. There are only a few days left for the Holi festival of colors. The holy festival of Holi is celebrated every year on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. Holika Dahan is done on this day. On the same, next day, Holi with colors is played on Pratipada date in the month of Chaitra. This year Holi falls on March 8, 2023, a Wednesday. Holika is lit before Holi. In such a situation, it is very important to take special care of some special things while worshiping Holika Dahan. So, let’s know which things are very important to take care of especially during Holika Dahan worship?

It is believed that the fire of Holika Dahan is considered a symbol of the burning body. That is why no newly married woman is allowed to see this fire. It is considered reckless. Because of this, problems may start in their married life. Along with this, discord can also start in the family without any reason.

It is said that unnecessary going to any lonely place or crematorium should be avoided on this day. Because on this day some people do tantric rituals, which can have a negative effect on you as well.

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If you are the only child of your parents, then you should avoid lighting the fire of Holika Dahan. It is not considered auspicious. If there is a brother and a sister, the fire of Holika Dahan can burn the brother.

According to belief, do not use mango, peepal and banyan tree for Holika Dahan even by mistake. Burning them brings negativity. Sycamore and castor are considered auspicious for Holika Dahan. By doing so, happiness and prosperity remain.

According to astrology, “No auspicious and auspicious work should be done on the day of Holika Dahan. Also, at the time of worship, worship with your head covered.

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