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Home Secretary calls Khan’s claim a ‘life-threatening’ fraud MIGMG News

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Ensures investigation if the truth

sama | TV – Published: May 15, 2022 | Last update: 5 minutes ago
Published: May 15, 2022 | Last update: 5 minutes ago

Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has responded to PTI chief Imran Khan’s claim about “someone” plotting against him and wanting his death, describing it as a “fraud and drama” with the nation.

Speaking to Naveed Chaudhry of London’s Sama TV, the Home Secretary said the PTI chief had become a habit of lying and building fake narratives like he did when he was ousted from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“There is no such thing, and if there is any evidence, we will treat it as a first media report and we will start an investigation if there is any truth,” he added.

Home Minister Khan warned of the consequences, saying he would be held accountable if fraud and drama occurred.

Speaking of the security afforded to Khan, he said that Khan wrote a letter to enhance his security, so Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered himself and made sure that the full proof security was applied.

Rana Sanaullah said the government did not prevent crowds from participating in the movement’s public gatherings. “he is [Imran Khan] “He has a crowd of roaming, depraved fans and we don’t need to stop them,” the interior minister added.

If the government decides not to allow them to advance in a march to Islamabad. “He can’t even bring 20 people there,” he said.


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