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How Punjab legislator Asia Amjad fell into a coma MIGMG News


Pakistan Provincial Council (MPA) member Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI), Asia Amjad, this week entered a coma as her health deteriorated.

According to the medical report, the sudden rise in blood pressure and diabetes caused a stroke in the brain.

Asya was admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital on April 18 with a complaint of upper extremity weakness and her health deteriorating due to uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes, Mohsen Bilal of Sama TV reported.

She suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time, according to the medical report.

Speaking to Mohsin Bilal, PTI leader Faydal Hasan Chauhan claimed that Asya was tortured by police in the Punjab assembly on April 16.

However, the doctors’ initial report did not mention violence anywhere, Sama channel reported Wednesday.

The Punjab Assembly plunged into disarray on Saturday when the house convened to elect a new Chief Minister of Punjab, which forced the Punjab Police to enter the assembly and register a case against unidentified men.

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