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Humans have changed birds, animals, and even trees and plants, all other life on the brink of destruction! MIGMG News

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Migmg news

The combined weight of 630 million tons of domesticated mammalian cattle by humans is the largest with cows at 416 million tons, buffalo at 68 million tons, sheep at 39 million tons, pigs at 38 million tons, and goats at 32 million tons. The combined weight of 20 million tons of wild land mammal animals is the largest with 2.7 million tons of white-tailed deer, followed by 1.9 million tons of wild boar. The combined weight of African elephants is 1.3 million tons, while the combined weight of Asian elephants found in India is only 10 percent of that of African elephants. The combined weight of the entire world population is 390 million tons, in this context, each human being has 2.7 kg of wild mammals. Of Earth’s total biomass, only 0.47 percent of all animal life is combined, and mammals make up 6.5 percent of all animal life combined.

Cows make up 40 percent of all domestic mammal cattle, according to statistics published by the United States Department of Agriculture. India has 30 percent of the world’s total cows, whose total weight is 12 percent of the total weight of all domesticated mammals. Cows make up 40 percent of the total mass of mammals on Earth, humans make up 36 percent, other domesticated cattle make up 18 percent, and wild mammals make up only 6 percent.


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