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If the judges enter our borders, we will also ask questions, Khawaja Asif MIGMG News

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Defense Minister Khawaja Asif says that when judges enter our borders, we will also ask questions.

Commenting on the policy statement in the National Assembly, Defense Minister Hawaja Asif said that some issues have been raised by the Supreme Court regarding the Somoto case, its effects may have an adverse effect on the present situation as well as the future. The entire Supreme Court should sit down and find a solution to this problem, ask different sides and give a solution that is viable in the future.

He said that the good thing is that a 9-member bench was formed, this decision should be heard not by 9 judges but by the whole court, the whole court should hear the parties and decide, the whole people is affected by the court decisions.

Defense Minister says that nowhere in the world there is an example of one institution disqualifying people from another for life, judges called my leader Nawaz Sharif by wrong names, when judges cross the lines by sitting on the chair, there is criticism. .

They say that Nawaz Sharif was abused and after four years his government was dismissed, the establishment, judiciary and Shah Mehmood Qureshi admitted that there was interference in the work.

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Khawaja Asif says that the first constitutional accident in the country happened because of a judge who justified the theory of necessity. The judiciary is involved, there is no stain on our feet, the whole nation knows that. But let no one say that there is no stain on the feet.

He said that I want to ask that there is a complaint that parliamentarians constantly criticize judges by name, why some judges are criticized and others are not? When judges enter our borders, we will also ask questions.

He says it is not the judiciary’s job to rewrite the constitution, the way Article 63 is rewritten is its effects. Political leaders sacrificed their positions for the sake of the judiciary and left power. As the judiciary made many mistakes in the past, today they should testify to their dignity and greatness.

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