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Imran an agent of foreign powers: Marryium MIGMG News


Federal Information Minister Marryum Aurangzeb has said Imran Khan is an agent of the foreign powers and he had been using prohibited funding for conspiratorial purposes in the country, reported 24 News HD TV Channel on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference, the minister said Shaukat Khanum’s charity money was used for personal purposes and the funds taken in the name of charity should be accounted for.

She said: “Tell me, you didn’t disclose your account because the money was stolen. This is not a technical but rather foreign funding issue. Imran Khan kept hiding, now he says it is a technical matter. The case is very obvious as the accounts belong to you and you have been found guilty”.

She further alleged that Imran was wearing the mask of Sadiq and Ameen that had now come off from his face.

Aurangzeb further said that the PTI chairman Imran Khan closed the CPEC and traded Kashmir with India. She said that Khan expressed his ignorance about the foreign funding despite the fact that he had been using the funds for his ulterior designs. She said that no political party can take funding from foreign companies and

The election commission’s decision came after 8 years of investigation.

PTI kept asking for adjournment in the prohibited funding case and it postponed the decision at least 51 times. Imran Khan submitted fake documents to the election commission and now he is trying to mislead people, Aurangzeb added.

She also showed pictures of Imran Khan’s alleged front men to the media on the occasion.

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