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36 unbeaten Jemima helped India beat Sri Lanka by 34 points to advance 1-0 in the series. (Image source: BCCI)

DambullaRadha Yadav’s two wicket hauls were supported by 36 unbeaten guests from Jemimah Rodrigues, as he beat Sri Lanka 34 times in his first T20I here at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Dambulla on Thursday. It was a bad day for the batting unit in Sri Lanka because they couldn’t do much with the bat on a difficult surface and although their players dominated the actions in the first T20I that limited India to 138/6 in 20 times.

With this win, India leads the series with an overall victory over Sri Lanka in the three-match T20I series. The visitors were great and didn’t allow partnerships to flourish for long. For Sri Lanka, Kavisha Dillary smashed 46 unbeaten runs and was the team’s top scorer. For India, Radha Yadav got two important stakes while Pooja Vastrakar, Chavali Verma and Deepti Sharma hit one share each. After chasing 139, Sri Lanka got off to a bad start as they lost the opener Vishmi Gunaratne by one round aboard.

This great breakthrough was delivered to the Indian team by Deepti Sharma. Then Harshitha Madhavi came to hit the wrinkle and tried to lock in roles with Captain Shamari Athapathu. Sri Lanka’s killer is a hard hit and at fifth over forty consecutive deliveries against Radha Yadav’s extradition. On the seventh, during the innings, Athapathu fell prey to Radha Yadav’s superb delivery when she tried to go for a four, but Rajeshwari Giakwad was caught after scoring 16 passes in 19 balls.

Then Kavesha Dillary came to the racket. And in the same seventh game, Yadav beat the hit again and sent off Madhavi, who scored only 10 runs in 17 deliveries. Then right-handed hitter Nilakshi de Silva came on and teamed up with Dilhari to keep the team’s momentum going. Delary and De Silva played carefully to make sure no more wickets were lost.

After 10 times, the Sri Lanka team’s score was 41/3. After 11 hosts he needed 93 passes on 54 balls. In the thirteenth round of innings, Pooja Vastrakar gave her team a major breakthrough as she knocked out de Silva with a score of 54/4 on board. After de Silva’s share, Amma Kanchana came to the crease. The 14th round of innings saw Shafali Verma cast an amazing spell with only 3 runs waived.

At this point in the match, Sri Lanka players struggled to make one round as bowling Indians were too cheap in the matter of conceding kicks. Ama Kanchana later fell prey to Verma’s delivery after scoring 11 passes in 10 balls. Then Anushka Sanjewani came to the racket but at that point, it was impossible for the homers to take the remaining 51 kicks into 10 balls. Last time, the hosts tried to fight and smashed four teams, but it was no use.

Renuka Singh did not allow Sri Lanka fighters to collect many runs in the 20th century and limited them to 104/5 after 20 times in play. Earlier, India got off to a poor start, losing match opener Smriti Mandhana (1) and Sabbhineni Meghana (0) in straight runs to pacer Oshadi Ranasinghe for the fourth time. Premier League captain Chamari Athapathu scored two superb goals in both sending offs.

After both expulsions, it was in the hands of inaugural Chavali Verma and Commander Harmanpreet Kaur to rebuild things for India. At the end of the six-overs, India stood at 32/2 with Harmanpreet Kaur (10*) and Shafali Verma (18*) Shafali looked in fine touch, smashing four limits. She was sent off by Captain Athapaththu for 31 of 31 balls, after being caught by Nilakshi de Silva in a long run.

At the end of 10 times, India was at 58/3, with Harmanpreet Kaur (22*) and Jemimah Rodrigues (1*). Captain Core was soon ejected before the wicket for 22 by spinner Inuka Ranawira, sinking India to 58/4, after which Rodriguez and Richa Ghosh, the wicketkeeper had to rebuild. But the situation that lasted 23 times ended abruptly after being knocked out by Ranawera with the help of the safe hands of Anushka Sangywani for 11.

With this, half of the Indian team returned to the hut for 81, and at the end of 15 matches, the Indian team stood at 85/5, with Pooja Vastrakar (3 stars) and Jemima Rodrigues (12*). A short 25-round partnership, which ended with Vastrakar’s 14-year dismissal after Ranawira threw it out. Jemima Rodriguez has been standing tall this entire time, keeping one end steady.

India finished its innings at 138/6, with Rodriguez (36*) and Deepti Sharma (17*) Inuka Ranawira being the bowlers’ choice for Sri Lanka, taking a 3/30. Oshadi Ranasinghe also got a wicket while Athapathu got one. Radha Yadav 2-22).

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