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Mumbai: Actress Kajol is known as the most talented actress in Bollywood. Kajol’s acting and her expressive eyes have made her a special place in the minds of the audience. Kajol and her movies were very popular in the 90’s. Even today, her movies are remembered by the audience.

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A few years ago, Kajol told an interesting story about her name in an interview. In the same interview, she had also mentioned how strict her mother was. Her interview is just as popular today.

What Kajol had said

Kajol had said in an interview to Karan Thapar in 1999, “When I was born, my father wanted to name me Mercedes. Because he loved Mercedes and his cars. The owner’s daughter’s name was Mercedes. Then he asked me why I couldn’t name my daughter. ‘

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Kajol further said in the interview, ‘My parents loved me very much. But they never pampered me. Because the mother felt that if the children were to be properly nurtured, they should be brought up in strict discipline. So she always carried a stick. She loved us, but we missed something. She has often thrown dishes at me. ‘

Actress Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee were married in 1973. He later had two daughters, Kajol and Tanishka Mukherjee. Tanuja and Shomu divorced when Kajol was four and a half years old. After that, Kajol was with Tanuja. Kajol also followed in Tanuja’s footsteps and made her acting debut. Then in 1995, Kajol met Ajay Devgn. The two then chose each other as lifelong mates. They have two children, Nasya and Yuga.

As for Kajol’s work, she appeared in the movie Tribhanga which was released on Netflix in 2021. Kajol was accompanied by Mithila Palkar and Tanvi Azmi. Kajol is currently busy shooting for her upcoming Salaam Vyanki movie. The movie was announced in 2021.

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