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Kapil Sharma shares his life journey on Shehnaz Gill Show MIGMG News

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Kapil Sharma shares his life journey on Shehnaz Gill Show. After a long wait, Indian singer-turned-actress Shehnaz Gill finally welcomed the famous comedian Kapil Sharma on her talk show ‘Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz Gill’.

The two talented entertainers are joining forces to promote Sharma’s upcoming film Zwigato, which is slated to release on March 17, 2023.

Fans are pleased as both Shehnaz and Kapil have a reputation for their witty humor and lively personalities. Their dynamic chemistry brings the house down as they engage in lively banter, share humorous anecdotes and display their unique comedic timing.

The show starts with Kapil’s quick remarks which not only entertain Gill but also the audience. During the video, they engage in an amazing conversation and try to twist the tongue.

Shehnaz spontaneously remarked, “To imitate, one needs intelligence, which not everyone possesses,” and then, “Among animals, dolphins are the smartest, but I am smarter than them.” This statement made the Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon actor laugh.

Sharma reflects on his journey from learning Kishore Kumar’s 200 songs for a job in Singapore to winning a check of INR 1 million at the Laughter Challenge. He shares that before doing comedy on television, he was involved in serious theater, youth festivals and professional shows. The comedy and the challenge of laughing came later, and he feels that God continued to make a new way for him. He attributes his success to hard work and remembers his father’s advice to keep hustling, because hard work today leads to a better life tomorrow.

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He shares an anecdote about a job offer he received in Singapore to sing Kishore Kumar’s songs for Rs 25,000, but eventually decided to take a job in India that paid only Rs 10,000 after his mentor advised him to avoid the high cost of life in singapore. Kapil also clarifies that the flirting on The Kapil Sharma Show was scripted and the channel asked him to do it, even sending a mail to remind him to include that element in the show when fans missed it. Despite this, he earned the nickname “Indian Romantic Pakshi” (bird) after his marriage and the birth of his children led him to prioritize domesticity over flirting.

Fandoms have turned their eyes to the screen as they await the release of Zwigato on March 17, 2023. Apart from their sappy conversation, Kapil and Shehnaz’s wardrobe is also a stand in itself – both the host and the guest wear complementary colors that make use of their vibrant personalities.

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