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Karachi to renovate garbage transfer stations with the help of the World Bank MIGMG News


The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) is planning to renovate the Garbage Transfer Stations (GTS) in Karachi under the Solid Waste Emergency and Efficiency Project, funded by the World Bank.

An environmental and social impact assessment will also be conducted under the programme.

This was stated by Zubair Ahmed Hanna, Managing Director of SSWMB, while speaking to SAMAA Digital.

Chana says that preparations for environmental and social management plans to build a new landfill and renovate the GTS in Karachi are also included in the World Bank plan.

He said the council is keeping in mind the social and environmental aspects while dealing with garbage operations in Karachi.

“Our first priority is to establish suitable GTS sites where Karachi waste will be transported to landfill sites (LFS),” he added.

What is GTS

A GTS is a place where garbage from an area accumulates for transport to the LFS.

There are six GTS in Karachi. They are created at the district level, but they are not managed properly.

The front garbage collection is transferred from roads, streets and houses to the GTS.

From the GTS, this garbage is transported to the landfill site. That is why these sites are called “garbage transfer stations”.

Karachi GTS locations are located in the following locations:

  • Central District, in Dinga Morr in Gulberg Town
  • Eastern District, in Sohrab Goth
  • West District, in Gutter Baghicha in SITE Town
  • Southern District, in the ‘Dhobi Gath’ in Lyari Town
  • Kurangi district, near a franchise store
  • Maleer Quarter, honorable Gothic in the town of Landi

GTS creation issues

However, GTSs located in the regions created many issues. Not managed properly, human settlements are in and around most garbage transfer stations and most without boundary walls.

The managing director of SSWMB said that the process of upgrading the GTS in Karachi has already been delayed. He said that the council is assisting the World Bank in implementing the lifting of the GTS sites.

He said the GTS renewal process will start by December of this year.

“One year is needed for the upgrade and the total construction work will be completed by January 2024,” he added.

Chana said the World Bank was concerned about a GTS near a franchise store, a well-known department store.

He added, “We will have to find an engineering solution to the issue as we do not have additional land in Karachi for the construction of new GTS sites.”

The Managing Director of SSWMB agreed with the fact that there are significant human settlements in and around most of the GTS and said that was why the Board of Directors under SWEEP would implement the renovation of these sites.

GTS sites were designated at a time when these areas were not densely populated.

The teams have already surveyed these GTS sites and heard the issues of the locals who live around these sites.

Garbage transfer stations will be constructed with appropriate boundary walls and re-reinforced concrete (RCC) pallets will be installed, automatic garbage sorting machines will be installed and large carts and tractors will be arranged to transport garbage.

He said that proper filling of the garbage through automatic machines will be implemented in the GTS, so that the vehicles carrying the garbage will transport it safely to landfill sites.

The managing director of SSWMB said the full cost of the project is 3.5 billion rupees, which was approved and financed by the World Bank. He said that Turkish companies will participate in the renovation of Karachi sites on GTS.

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