Karan Mehra claims his wife Nisha Rawal having an extra marital affair with Rakhi’s brother Rohit Seth MIGMG News



Mumbai: Naitik has gained household popularity by playing the role in the serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. But in Karan’s personal life, a storm has been raging for the past several days. Karan and Nisha are living separately. Karan held a press conference today and presented his side to everyone. Not only this, but in this press conference, Karan has accused his wife Nisha Rawal of having an extra-marital affair. Not only this, he has also accused Nisha of having an affair with her supposed brother.

Nisha’s affair with her supposed brother

Karan Mehra held a press conference today. He said that, ‘On one hand there is a brother-sister relationship. On the one hand, he has given his daughter. Nisha Rawal’s daughter was played by Rohit Sethia. What happened to me in the last year, I could not tell you all this before. Because if I had spoken only when she accused me, I would have been convicted. For the past 14 months I have been gathering evidence. One incident at a time, one incident at a time, I was doing this for the last 14 months. Tell me what some friends have said. Some advised not to speak. All this has happened in front of my son.’

The brother-sister relationship was ruined

Karan further said, ‘Rohit has been living with Nisha in my house for the last 14 months. Nisha’s mother also lives with them. They are telling the world that both are brothers and sisters. Actually brother-sister relationship is very beautiful and sacred. But in this instance, he has mocked this relationship. Nisha has made many false accusations against me. If you all remember, she admitted to an affair in 2015-16 in the Lockup program. Those affairs are different and this one is different. When someone tells you that they are brothers and sisters, you cannot say anything to them. If Nisha was true then why did she not tell the truth in the press conference she held on June 1. But when she went to the lockup, she got the money and told the truth.’

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Everything was taken away from me

Karan further said, ‘She has my house, my business, money, house, cars and most importantly my son. Rohit drinks alcohol, is a chain smoker. All this happens in front of my five year old son Kavish. Kavish can’t meet me. Rohit also has a wife, a seven-year-old daughter. What is the future of these two children? Not only this, I also often receive threatening calls. I have informed the police about it.’

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The allegations were made last year

Meanwhile, last year, Nisha Rawal has filed a case against Karan accusing him of domestic violence. He was also accused of having an extra-marital affair. At the same time, Karan had denied these allegations. Not only this, Nisha’s supposed brother Rohit Sethia also joined hands and apologized to Karan and also apologized for the wrong done by his sister.



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