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KE sells cheap electricity to consumers at a higher price MIGMG News

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Migmg news

K Electric announced its financial results in which the company reported a loss of PKR 27 billion this year, while last year the company made a profit of PKR 3.3 billion. Furthermore, it was stated in the result that all electricity production units are working at full capacity.

However, experts rejected the financial results published by the EC and called them contrary to the facts.

According to experts, K Electric generates 30 percent of Karachi’s total demand from its own sources while receiving 1100 MW of electricity from the National Grid. On the other hand,

The NEPRA report revealed that K Electric was buying power from the Central Power Procurement Authority (CPPA) at PKR 7 per unit while selling it to Karachi residents at PKR 18 to PKR 35 per unit. Apart from this, K Electric gets permission from NEPRA for adjustment of consumer bills against monthly fuel adjustment, which leaves no reason for loss to the company.

Sources also revealed that K Electric is not making regular payments for the electricity purchased from CPPA.

Experts say that K Electric charges the price of furnace oil to consumers by generating 30 percent of its electricity demand from gas and other sources. They further said that K Electric is making more profit by doing load shedding for hours in the name of maintenance in the city. In this regard, in Nazimabad, Golimar, Aurangabad, Chandy Chowk and other adjoining areas, 10 to 12 hours of load shedding is done in the name of maintenance every two to three days.

Residents of the area have complained that K Electric turns off the electricity late at night, which has caused severe suffering to the citizens, while people receive huge bills every month, to which the residents go to the objections to fix their bills, but there is no accountability. rather, K Electric charges through billing by making installments rather than correcting public bills.

Consumers also complained that K Electric is harassing citizens to pay their bills before the deadline. Citizens complained that before the deadline, officials from K.E. came to the houses. under the pretext of checking their bills and demanding to pay the bill immediately otherwise they will face disconnection and demand additional money to restore the electricity.

Citizens say that in these difficult circumstances when inflation is at the highest level in history, the overcharging of K-Electric taking advantage of the monopoly and the lack of responsibility to correct the conversion has further increased the problems. People appealed to the Prime Minister to take immediate measures for the additional payment and harassment of the citizens by K Electric.

The Ministry of Energy should immediately notice the manipulation of the financial results by K Electric and make them provide the citizens with uninterrupted electricity for which they pay every month.


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