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Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed that she is the first black woman to serve on the US Supreme Court MIGMG News


Washington: On a momentous occasion in American history, the US Senate on Thursday confirmed Kitangi Brown-Jackson the first black woman to sit on the nation’s highest court. The US Senate took the historic decision by 53-47 after three Republican senators, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney, voted for it, along with 50 members of the ruling Democratic Party.

The 100-member Senate is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting her ballots in the event of a tie. Jackson, who is a judge on the Capital Circuit Court of Appeals, will currently replace retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 83.

Justice Kitangi Brown-Jackson, 53, joined President Joe Biden and other senior White House staff in the Roosevelt Chamber to watch the results of the Senate vote on her nomination to the Supreme Court.

“Judge Jackson’s confirmation was a historic moment for our nation. We have taken another step toward making our highest court reflect America’s diversity. It would be incredibly fair, and I had the honor to share this moment with her,” President Biden said on Saturday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a day of great pride and patriotism for the nation, as Justice Kitangi Brown-Jackson made history as the first black woman to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“Following Justice Jackson’s historic affirmation, our nation is taking an important step toward realizing our most cherished ideals,” Pelosi said.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said she was not only eminently qualified and highly recommended but also made history as the first black woman to serve on the nation’s highest seat.

“This is a great day for our country and our democracy, and I know that our judicial system and our people will be strengthened through Justice Jackson’s service, as she will bring a deep and comprehensive understanding of the law and lived experiences that will bring perspectives into the courtrooms,” he said.

For more than 200 years, the Court has heard cases affecting black women – cases such as Plessy v. Ferguson, Shelby County v. Holder, Dobbs. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – Without a Black Woman’s Perspective.

“That is changing now,” the Democratic National Committee said. “Judge Jackson has shown girls – especially girls of color – how big their dreams are and how profoundly they affect our nation. Her story is uniquely American. She represents the best of us and our shared values.”

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However, Republicans denounced the assertion. Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel issued a statement claiming that Biden’s selection of Jackson is an extremist judge and activist, who has failed to answer simple questions on her record, including leniency for child pornography offenders and support for CRT.

“Jackson has proven to be compatible with the political agenda of the extreme left, even refusing to define what a woman is. She said the Federal National Council will hold Democrats accountable next November to support Biden’s radical choice.”

She attended Harvard University as an undergraduate and in law school and worked on the US Sentencing Committee, the agency that develops federal sentencing policy, before becoming a federal judge in 2013.

Jackson has extensive experience in a variety of positions – as a federal appeals judge, federal court judge, member of the US Sentencing Committee, private practice attorney, and federal attorney general.

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