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kgf chapter 2: KGF 2- Fans hit wedding magazine, success dialogue goes viral on social media – yash starrer kgf 2 movie famous dialogue fan recreates on his wedding card photos MIGMG News


Mumbai- ‘Violence, violence, violence … I don’t like it. I avoid it! But I love violence, I can’t avoid it! ‘ Do you remember this iconic dialogue of ‘Rocky Brother’ from Yash Starrer ‘KGF Chapter 2’? Those who have seen this movie will have heard this dialogue many times. But have you read this dialogue of success written in a special style in a wedding magazine? Yes, a fan of KGF Chapter 2 has printed this iconic dialogue of success on his wedding card.

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KGF Chapter 2, which will be released in theaters on April 14, is making waves at the box office. There is such a craze for success among the fans that KGF is no longer just a movie but a brand. For this reason, a fan of Rocky Brothers has recreated the dialogue of ‘Violence’ on the wedding magazine. This photo of the wedding magazine is going viral on social media and people have called it Rocky Brother’s craze.

Chandrasekhar will marry Shweta on May 13 in Belgaum, Karnataka. Chandrasekhar has written the dialogue of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ on his wedding card. The famous ‘Violence’ dialogue of the future husband has been printed on the wedding magazine in a different way. ‘Wedding, marriage, marriage, I don’t like it, I push it, but my relatives love marriage, so I can’t avoid it.’

When a movie is released in a cinema, fans recreate its dialogues. Do you remember this dialogue between ‘Pushpa, Pushpa Raj, Main Jhukega Nahi Sala’ Allu Arjun starrer ‘Pushpa: The Rise’? Impressed by this conversation, a student from West Bengal wrote in his board exam, ‘Pushpa Raj … Apun Likhega Nahi …’.



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