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Hyderabad: In an open letter to the central government, Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao criticized the hike in fuel prices, accusing the center of acting as a “broker” in buying crude oil cheaply on the international market and selling at higher prices to the state. people in the country.

The minister also criticized the center for “blaming state governments” for high fuel prices.

“The central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi acts as a mediator, buying crude oil cheaply and selling gasoline and diesel to the people at higher prices while unabashedly blaming state governments for higher prices. While raising gasoline prices dramatically, the Union government has come up with the absurd argument that the governments of States should cut taxes,” KTR wrote on Wednesday.

The minister described the reasons announced by the center for the rise in fuel prices as “pure lies”, and said that the union ministers “deliberately hide the price of gasoline in other countries.”

All the reasons given by the Modi government for not controlling prices are pure lies. BJP leaders simply tell stories, such as international crude oil supply problems, high crude oil prices, and the Russo-Ukrainian war. And union ministers who say prices are on the rise wrote in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and even France that they are deliberately hiding that the rate of gasoline there is lower than ours.

KTR also criticized the center for not raising gasoline prices until the end of the assembly elections in the five states, and said the government had “made it the norm” to raise gasoline prices.

The central government did not raise petrol prices for weeks and months during the 2017 Gujarat elections, 2019 general elections and the recent elections in five states. But Modi’s government has been raising gasoline prices almost every day since the results came out. In the past two weeks, the Modi government has raised gasoline prices 13 times.

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