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Kylie Jenner strikes back at critics calling her out for not following lab protocols MIGMG News


The owner of the premium makeup brand ‘Kylie cosmetics’ got trolled by the Emmy winning makeup artist and consultant, Kevin James Bennett for not following the protocols of being in the production lab in her recent photos uploaded on her Instagram.

The makeup artist slammed the beauty queen for spreading false information, as in making her fans and followers think that she herself is making the products and not following safety precautions such as wearing face mask, hair net, shoe covers and gloves, which is very fatal. and can cause infections to the users of the products made in this batch.

To this accusation, the 24-year-old makeup queen replied that these pictures were not at all taken in the main mass production facility but a small scale, fun lab made for her own self to create her own samples and make pictorial content for her. socials which is nowhere near the production lab. She continued saying that she would never bypass the sanitary protocols just like all the other celebrity beauty brand owners. No one is putting their customers at risk.

Jenner thrashed Kevin even more by saying “shame on you Kevin for spreading false information”.

Kylie’s original photo actually has the caption “In the lab creating new magic for you guys, better than ever”.

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