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Locking up the old father, the daughter reaches Delhi in search of work MIGMG News

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Elderly people live like this for 15 days
street reporter
Bidanagar: A seventy-five-year-old old man who lived in the house of BD Block of Salt Lake was locked in the house by his daughter and went to Delhi. The retired civil servants have been living in closed houses for the last 15 days. When the locals found out about it, they helped the old man by providing him with food and other things. Along with this, people also informed the police of Bidan Nagar North Police Station about the incident. Now the police are providing food and other facilities to Sunil Dutt. When locals contacted her daughter, she said she had come to Delhi in search of work. That’s why she’s stuck there. The girl appealed to the neighbors to take care of her father. She said she will return to Kolkata after getting a job. When the police contacted Sunil Dutt, he said that he did not want to go to the hospital but wanted to stay in his house. He will move out only when his daughter returns to Calcutta. The locals have not spoken to the old man’s daughter for the last five days. The girl’s phone was also being downloaded. In such a situation, the local population called and informed the police about the incident. On Saturday when the police asked the old man to take him out of the house and provide him with medical facilities, he refused to take any service. The elders await the arrival of their daughter. In such a situation, the question arises as to how many days he will be able to stay safe in this way and because of this incident, the elderly residents of Bidanagar are also in a dilemma.


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