Mandana Karimi threatens to “break” Azmeh Falah’s face; She says… keep walking naked MIGMG News



Azmi Falah and Mandana Karimi intertwine in a lookup

Azma Falah broke up with Mandana Karimi in a look-up and threatened to throw her clothes away

With the constant jihads, fights and discoveries being made by the contestants, it became clear that Kangana Ranaut hosted Lock Upp as the crowd favorite. The fights between contestants are enough to keep one of them hanging. In the last episode, it was Azma Falah and Mandana Karimi who broke up, and the fight turned out to be fierce because they weren’t in the mood to stop.

The show’s audience is already aware of the tension between Mandana and Azma and the fact that the former is very sensitive about her parents’ topic. And this is exactly where Azma decided to hit the actress. Mandana asked in a sarcastic tone if her parents had taught her manners before, before adding, “Oh yeah, Tani build my mom and dad ko chod dia hai” (You left your mom and dad). This leaves actress Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 furious as she warns, “Next time you talk about mom and dad, your face will break.”

Azma accuses the actress of raising her parents in a quarrel as well, while Mandana vehemently denies this. She also accuses her of saying that she is bad for her ex-husband’s parents and her parents. This only makes the actress cursing even more angry. Azma then threatened to throw all of Mandana’s belongings away before saying, “Nangi ghumna fir Lock Upp mein (then you walk around naked in Lock Upp).

And Mandana Karimi had revealed in a previous episode that she had disowned her mother and father. In fact, she and her mother had stopped talking for six years! She also added that now everything is fine, and that she and her mother are talking in phrases. Mandana’s mother also accepted her career choice. Mandana had also locked up with Payel recently.

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