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matrimonial sites, Cambodia Fraud : Trapped in Cambodia with the lure of a job; Cambodia youth trapped in Cambodia cyber fraud Cambodia cryptocurrency fraud lured and trapped into slavery MIGMG News

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Osmanabad : Take a break while going for a job abroad Kabir Shaikh from Osmanabad currently living in Pune, who studied engineering in Taiwan, went to Cambodia because he was offered a well-paid job because he speaks Chinese. A terrible thing has happened to him there.

After graduating from a private college in Osmanabad, Kabir went to Taiwan in 2014. Graduated from Taiwan. Because Kabir could speak Chinese, he was offered a job as a cyber security expert in Cambodia. He was going to get a salary of five thousand dollars there. Kabir traveled from Pune to Bangalore, Bangalore to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Cambodia to reach this company. Earlier, Kabir was working as a financial securities analyst in an IT company in Pune. Kabir was accompanied by seven Indians. There was a girl in this. Seven people reached the company premises. Kabir saw the scene inside and the ground shifted under his feet. Kabir saw the employees of the company being beaten up.

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If you call the local police or refuse to work with this online fraud company, the youths are brutally tortured, brutally beaten, electrocuted, and sold by gangs that remove organs. Every day this company loots more than 10 crores online only because of the indirect support of the local government, numerous gangs are active there.

Shadi dotcom, Jeevansaathi dotcom, to take beautiful photos of girls and create profiles in the name of girls on matrimonial sites and contact and get intimate with rich boys from India as well as US, Ukraine, Vietnam etc. 200 to 300 youths are contacted simultaneously from different numbers. Download photos of beautiful girls from Instagram and add them to your profile. Chatting with Indians. Such work is done there.

Fortunately Kabir and seven other Indians are freed after 8 days of ordeal. When Kabir Sheikh realized that he had been duped, he contacted the Indian embassy there. Two hours later local police and embassy officials rescued Kabir and 6 Indian youths and sent them to India. Kabir Sheikh was in Cambodia from September 4 to September 11.

15 Indian boys and girls are still stuck in Cambodia. Suffering terrible torture. According to the information received, some agents are operating in Bihar, Bengal, who cheat Indian youth. The same work is being done by them here by tricking children from Cambodia and bringing them to India.

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