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metro car shed: move metro car shed into array; Center informs Maharashtra after expert report – forget past differences, resolve metro car shed issue: hc tells center, maha MIGMG News


M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: Though the Mahavikas Aghadi government has planned to set up integrated car sheds in Kanjur Marg for Metro-6 and other metro routes along with Mumbai Metro-3 project, the Center has said based on the opinion of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) experts . Also, the decision to shift the car shed of Metro-3 from Aarey Colony to Kanjur Marg should be reconsidered and the same car shed should be set up in Aarey Colony itself.

Anil Singh, Additional Attorney General on behalf of the Central Government, showed a copy of the letter to the Mumbai High Court on Thursday during the hearing on MMRDA’s application for lifting the moratorium on construction of Kanjurkarshed. ‘Building a car shed in Kanjur will create many problems. DMRC experts said in a report after a study of the design of an integrated car shed in Kanjur and a meeting with officials of MMRDA-appointed consulting company Sistra. The DMRC also said in the report that the state government should take a decision to set up an integrated car shed in Kanjur only if the use of car sheds in Aarey Colony is guaranteed to be optimal.

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Struggle again

Sunil Kumar, Secretary, Housing and Urban Development, Central Government, in a letter to the Chief Secretary, said that the role of the state government in setting up a metro depot at Kanjurmarg was wrong. For this, they have discussed with Delhi Metro Corporation. However, the same Delhi Metro Corporation was part of the technical committee set up during the Fadnavis government in 2015 and the technical committee set up by the Mahavikas Aghadi government in 2021. Both the committees have reported that it is not appropriate to set up a metro depot at Aarey. Therefore, once again, the discussion has started between the senior ministers and senior chartered officers that the central government is obstructing the functioning of the state from the metro car shed.

“Why not find a solution through sympathy?”

‘We are also realizing what is going on on both sides (Central and State Governments). We are only being used as a medium. That is why we are facing such cases. However, all such cases can be disposed of in such a way that in one case one party does not want to hold back and in another case the other party has to take such action. We are all for public service. So why do you bring your differences to court? Why is it not eradicated through conciliation through external discussions? ‘, In the words of Mumbai High Court Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice. A bench headed by Justice Girish Kulkarni on Thursday slammed the Center and the state government over the Metro’s Kanjurmarg car shed dispute.


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