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mhada lottery: a golden opportunity to buy a house; MHADA’s Konkan Mandal leaving 1,200 houses – mumbai: Mhada lottery for konkan boards 1,200 houses to be called in June MIGMG News


1,200 houses will be available in Virar, Thane

M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: MHADA’s Konkan Housing and Regional Development Board will vacate about 1,200 houses in Virar, Thane area. The release will be released in June. The scheme includes houses at Bhandarli, Shirdhon, Goteghar in the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme along with Virar in the MHADA scheme.

Similar to the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme with MHADA’s Konkan Mandal, 20 per cent of the houses provided by MHADA from private developers are covered under the scheme. The Konkan Board had decided to release this in April. However, due to non-availability of stock of houses available from the developers, it has been decided to take this leave in June.

The Konkan Board had earlier on October 14 evicted 8,984 houses. More than 2 lakh 46 thousand applications were received for this draw. Among them, a large number of applications were received for 20 per cent scheme houses. Once their eligibility has been determined, possession of the houses has started. After the draw, the board will release 1,200 new houses, MHADA chief engineer Shivkumar Aade said on Friday.

Where are the houses

MHADA’s Konkan Mandal draw includes 20 per cent houses from the scheme. The draw includes houses in Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Dombivali and Vasai-Virar.



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