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Miftah Ismail: Imran Khan’s helicopter consumed 550 million rupees worth of gasoline MIGMG News


Finance Minister Muftah Ismail revealed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s helicopter, which moved between his home in Bani Jala and the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, cost 550 million rupees to the National Treasury within three years and eight months.

Khan used a helicopter to travel to his office nearly every day when he was in power, and the money was spent on helicopter fuel.

The then prime minister faced criticism when he began using helicopters for daily commuting soon after he came to power. However, Fawad Chowdhury, who was the Minister of Information, claimed at the time that the cost would be 55 rupees per kilometer.

Muftah Ismail, who was speaking on Nadim Malek’s program on Sama TV, said he had the documentary evidence to support his allegations.

Muftah also said that the PTI government left a huge circular debt of 2,500 billion rupees in the energy sector and created a circular debt of 1,500 billion rupees in the natural gas sector.

The finance minister said he was comfortable working with State Bank of Pakistan Governor Raza Baqir, who was appointed by the Imran Khan government, but that the final decision would be made by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The finance minister said the government needs to revive the IMF program to avoid economic crises and may also borrow money from Saudi Arabia.

He said that putting the country on a growth path is not difficult and that the government led by the PML-N is planning to induce growth that will help boost exports.

Muftah said that as long as Shahbaz Sharif was prime minister, there was no need to worry about the future.

He also said that the PML-N government has taken the responsibility to save the country and fulfill its promise without blaming others.


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