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Mumbai: Currently, Pakistani actress Meenal Khan is in the news. Meenal Khan is popular in TV series. Meenal and her husband Ehsan Mohsin have always been famous for adventure trips. Meenal Khan often shares photos of his travels on Instagram. It also has photos like rich breakfast, lunch, dinner. She is popular among her fans. But this time Meenal made a big mistake.

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The photo shared by Meenal Khan on Instagram Story was similar to the story of American model and actress Kylie. That’s what happened, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of breakfast. It was a lavish, rich breakfast. Exactly the same photo Meenal shared on his social media. It didn’t take long for the fans to realize it. So, Meenal had to face criticism on social media.

Meenal Khan is active on social media. She also has a lot of fan following. She is always posting various photos. But this time, many people noticed this copied photo of her. The question that Meenal has shared so far is whether she took the photos or copied them. Meenal must have thought that no one in Pakistan was following Kylie Jenner.

The photo has a large breakfast tray. Fruits like strawberry, cherry, papaya, mango, dragon fruit are seen in it. There is also a dish like fruit salad. The photo also says Kylie Air. Meenal Khan may not have thought that this photo would be such a hot topic.

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