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Minister of Culture in Aquia: “When we unite wills, it is much easier to move forward”

Minister of Culture in Aquia: “When we unite wills, it is much easier to move forward”

The Minister of Culture, Gisela Ortiz, participated in the quenuales planting task for the sowing of water in the territory of the Rural Community of Aquia, located in the province of Bolognesi, Ancash region.

The Minister of Culture was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo Gonzales Toro; the Vice Minister of Interculturality, Rocilda Nunta; the president of the Campesino Community of Aquia, Adán Damián Gamarra; as well as local authorities and representatives.

This reforestation campaign, called Jirka Rantin (retribution to the land), aims to plant 100,000 quenual trees in one day, with the collaboration of the entire Ancash community.

As part of the formal act, Minister Ortiz symbolically planted a tall Andean cedar. There he stressed the importance of carrying out this type of initiative jointly, between the people and the State.

“A great lesson that we always take from here (Aquia) is the ability of its authorities to articulate. This is important because when we unite wills, it is much easier to move forward ”.

“Aquia is not only an ancestral town, but it is a town that maintains its traditions and has every reason to be considered an original town”, Minister Ortiz emphasized.

The minister welcomed the efforts of the residents to conserve the environment. “It is important to be part of this historic day, in which Aquia confirms its commitment to life and care for the environment. This bet has to do with a future of healthy life for the benefit of all ”, he pointed.

“It is always a source of pride to come here, to renew the political commitment of a Government that is always listening to the needs of its peoples and that values ​​the ability to organize”, ended.

Meanwhile, the Vice Minister of Interculturality made an important announcement about the categorization of this community, by the Ministry of Culture. “We are here to preserve the environment through this reforestation and, in addition, we are going to begin work to evaluate the consideration of the Aquia community as an indigenous people”, emphasized.

It should be noted that the Culture sector has requested all the historical, social and cultural information of the Aquia peasant community, in order to have the documentation to carry out the analysis that will determine its incorporation into the Official Database of Indigenous Peoples or Originals (BDPI) of the Ministry of Culture.

This is part of the agreements reached in the Dialogue Table established by the Executive Power for the resolution of the conflict between the Aquia peasant community, located in the province of Bolognesi, in the Ancash region, and the Antamina Mining Company, where the Minister of Culture, Gisela Ortiz, participated as a member.

This planting activity had the support of institutions such as Acción Andina, Global Forest Generation (GFG) and the Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN).

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