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Many analysts in Pakistan believe that the difficulties faced by Prime Minister Imran Khan today include his own mistakes in bringing him to this point. What are these mistakes?

Mistakes that lead to drowning
Mistakes that lead to drowning


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In Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan is heading for political isolation. His allies and longtime allies are leaving him. He called the no-confidence motion a global conspiracy and avoided confronting it. He has dissolved his National Assembly with his own hands. How did one of Pakistan’s most popular political leaders get to this point? This is the question that not only Imran Khan’s friends but also his opponents are looking for.

Brigadier (retd) Farooq Hameed Khan, a Pakistani defense analyst, told DW that Imran Khan’s performance needed to be honestly analyzed, adding that where he had made many mistakes, it should also be kept in mind that Imran Success in dealing with Corona epidemic under the government, 40 to 50 percent increase in remittances from overseas Pakistanis, dramatic improvement in exports, increase in tax revenue, commencement of construction of new dams and launch of Ehsas program etc. Many projects are also included. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that analysts have made for Imran Khan.

Reliance on the political elite

Defense analyst Farooq Hameed says Imran Khan’s reliance too much on electables from different parties, rather than party ideologues, was not appropriate. It was because of these people that he was forced to compromise. Today, the people who have been favored by PTI with the titles of Lotte, Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq and Zameer-e-Faroos were included in the party by Imran Khan with his readiness and happiness and were given high positions. According to him, Chaudhry Sarwar had come from PML-N and now he will join another party. Who doesn’t know that this sincere young man of PTI has been on the sidelines for a long time now.

The story is different

Syed Irshad Arif, group editor of the daily Ninety Two News, says that it should also be kept in mind that the electables were brought into the party by Imran Khan or someone else sent them to PTI under his agenda. Now not only the electives but also the party members are leaving Imran, from which it is not difficult to guess that the story is actually something else. ”Syed Irshad Arif believes that the current crisis is the result of an external conspiracy but Imran Khan has so many mistakes that he is in trouble today.

Disagreements with the Establishment

Farooq Hameed says that not being able to maintain relations with the Establishment was also Imran Khan’s failure and mistake. According to him, the Establishment does not like unnecessary interference in their internal affairs. According to him, the delay in issuing the notification of the ISI chief and the delaying tactics also caused a rift between the Imran government and the establishment. According to analysts, many examples can be given based on the stubborn behavior of the Prime Minister, according to which the conciliatory relations with the Establishment were damaged by the Imran government. According to eminent analyst Dr. Asimullah Bakhsh, contrary to the ground realities, Imran Khan continued to believe that the appointment of the head of ISI was his prerogative and he was apparently reluctant to use this prerogative.

Failure to resolve party differences

Brigadier (retd) Farooq Hameed says that after the formation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, sincere and loyal party workers were neglected. On the other hand, the differences within the party intensified. Prime Minister Imran Khan failed to stop this factionalism. He turned a blind eye to the serious differences between the party groups, which led to the dissenting groups gaining strength. Dr Asimullah Bakhsh says Imran Khan’s government has failed to keep allies on board. The same was the case with many MPs.

Unelected advisers and their aggressive policy

According to Farooq Hameed, those who came from other countries and joined the government for the first time in Pakistan, instead of being a bridge between the Prime Minister and party workers, gave such advice to Prime Minister Imran Khan, which increased the crisis. On several occasions, these apolitical people adopted an unparliamentary and indecent style, which further inflamed political differences and did not bring stability to the country. ” But the advice of his ‘flame statement’ advisers added fuel to the fire. Syed Irshad Ahmed Arif does not agree with this opinion. According to him, such advisors have been working for the last three years. Sit for years. It is not appropriate to criticize them now. “

Chief Minister of Sardar Usman Bazdar

Syed Irshad Arif, group editor of Ninety Two News, told DW that it was a big mistake of Imran Khan to make Usman Bazdar Chief Minister of Punjab. According to him, he handed over the largest province of Pakistan to a person who did not have the capacity to handle this assignment. Farooq Hameed says that many groups in PTI came into being as a result of reaction against the appointment of Usman Bazdar. But he later expressed his opposition.

According to many other analysts, there was a time when the NAB would seize Usman Bazdar to replace him as Chief Minister. Provincial Ministers Sabtin Khan and Aleem Khan are two examples. There was also a general impression that Imran Khan did not accept the proposal from a powerful place to remove Usman Bazdar. Opponents of PTI kept scoring points by comparing Usman Bazdar with former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Opposition to the media

According to Farooq Hameed, the Imran government made an effective section of the media its opponent because of its behavior. This part of the media was more powerful so it did not spare any effort in pointing out Imran Khan’s mistakes and highlighting it with full force. PTI’s social media was mostly busy covering the opposition. Therefore, the good deeds of the Imran government could not be publicized as it should have been, ”he said. Maybe it’s happening in the health sector here. “

The character of the journalists who expressed dissenting opinion also caused a lot of damage to the party and it seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan could not understand this situation properly.

Loud claims and unrealistic promises

Leading analyst Dr. Asimullah Bakhsh, who wrote a column in a national newspaper, told DW that the situation in politics is changing rapidly. Doesn’t stay Imran Khan’s promise to end corruption in 90 days or to distance himself from the IMF or the claims of ideal rule of law are what people used to like but when the government fails to control inflation Gone and its heat began to reach the house of the common man, then many people came together with the opposition to demand an account of the government’s promises.

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