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MLA Rais Sheikh | It is necessary to eliminate the root cause of drug addiction: MLA Rais Sheikh MIGMG News

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It is necessary to eliminate the root cause of drug addiction: MLA Rais Sheikh

Bhiwandi: Under the auspices of SP MLA Rais Qasim Sheikh (SP MLA Rais Qasim Sheikh) of Bhiwandi East, an anti-drug campaign “Mera Samaj Meri Responsibilities” at Farhan Khan Hall, Milat Nagar, aimed at ending the increasing drug addiction among the youth. of the city. The program was organized under the auspices of the state president SP Abu Asim Azmi within the framework of the Anti-Drug Campaign. In the programme, senior police inspectors from all the five police stations, directors and officers associated with the city’s educational institutions, educationists, intellectuals of the society, leaders of various organizations and institutions, including leaders of various ideologies and prominent personalities of the city, besides a large number young, attended.

It is noteworthy that SP MLA Raes Sheikh, taking drug addiction among the rapidly spreading youth very seriously, organized an anti-drug campaign and sought people’s opinion and suggestions to control it. Principal of Rais High School, Zia-ur-Rehman Ansari, in his address spoke about ending drug addiction. He said that people say that a young man’s house collapses due to intoxication, but my thinking is quite the opposite. Due to discord in the house, quarrels between parents and bad environment, the youth are attracted to drugs, so due to the bad environment in the house, the youth go down the wrong path.

Along with stopping drug addiction, it should be eradicated: MLA Rais

In his address, MLA Raes Sheikh explained the reason for drug addicts and said that due to poverty, unemployment and domestic discord, the youth are attracted to drugs and further when they become addicted to drugs and have no money they get involved in various crimes due to which our society it gets worse. Along with stopping, they should be rooted out. Today, drug dealers have secured their place in every locality, but no one in the area can muster the courage to stop them, because people are afraid of them. But there is no need to fear now, your MLA is with you, we must continue this movement.

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the police will take immediate action

Deputy Commissioner of Police Navnath Dhawale, while praising MLA Rais Sheikh for organizing the said dedicated programme, said that there is a huge need for such a program today and such a program should be held in the future as well. Appealing to everyone, he said if you see any crime happening anywhere or see someone selling or getting drunk, immediately inform the police. The police will take immediate action. On the said occasion, Joint Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of Food and Drugs Manoor, Former Principal of KMES School Ravish Ansari, Maulana Imtiaz Falahi, Maulana Irfan, Maulana Tehjibul Islam, Nisar Ahmad Madani, Fahim Momin, Senior Police Inspector of Nizampur Police Station Naresh Pawar addressed the said program.

I will try my best in the de-addiction campaign: Sheikh

At the end of the program, MLA Raees Shaikh pledged to all the participants that I will be a part of the Mera Samaj, Mera Vibhav movement and try my best to free my house, locality, ward and city from this crisis. Appreciating the efforts of the MLA Sheikh, they all supported the necessary participation in the de-addiction campaign.

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