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Mokhtar Ansari, formerly of the Moroccan Liberation Army, was imprisoned for five years in the gang law case MIGMG News

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The Lucknow Court of the Allahabad High Court on Friday sentenced former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ex-People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Mukhtar Ansari to five years in a 23-year-old case related to gang law. Judge Dr. K. Singh ordered the acquittal to be overturned by a special court of the Moroccan member of parliament in 2020. The court also imposed a fine of 50,000 rupees on Al-Ansari.

The prosecution had presented a gang plot in court as evidence against the previous legal aid law. “The Special Court of the Attorney General in the Anti-Money Laundering Law made a grave mistake in acquitting Mukhtar. The gang plot was proven in court as documented evidence. Mukhtar is a gangster and alleged that he committed several crimes, therefore, he was convicted of crimes under Article 2/3 of the Gangs Act” , the court said. State Counsellor Rao Narendra Singh said the case was taken to Hazratganj police in Lucknow in 1999 and a special court acquitted Ansari in 2020. The state lodged an appeal against the acquittal in 2021.

Additional government defenders, UC Verma and Rao Narendra Singh presented the arguments on behalf of the state government, and said that Hazratganj SHO submitted an FIR in 1999, alleging that Mukhtar and his associates committed heinous crimes, including murder, extortion, kidnapping and kidnapping. The FIR said his partner Suresh Kumar along with three or four people were heard saying that a gang member, Abhay Singh, had killed the prison director in the busy Hazratganj district of Lucknow. It was further said that the gang members are terrible criminals who commit the crime in an organized way to accumulate wealth. The complaint said that they struck terror in the hearts and minds of the people and no one dared to file the FIR even against the gang members.

The FIR added that the general public felt unsafe and lived in fear in Lucknow and nearby areas. Accepting the arguments of the prosecution counsel, Judge Singh said, “If the prosecution proves that a person belongs to a gang and has indulged in the commission of a crime with the aim of disturbing public order or to obtain any unnecessary time and financial material or any other advantage for himself or any other person, he may be punished under law gangs.”

On Wednesday, Mokhtar Ansari was sentenced to seven years in prison in another case for threatening a jailer and pointing a gun at him. In 2003, the then Lucknow District Warden, SK Awasti, submitted an FIR to Alambagh Police alleging that he had been threatened for ordering a search of people who had come to meet Ansari. A court had acquitted Ansari in this case as well. Mukhtar Ansari is currently imprisoned in Panda Prison.

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