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Osmanabad: An annoying incident took place in Osmanabad when a junior clerk accepted a bribe from a woman holding hands, saying, “You sat in my mind, I liked you on the first day.” The shocking incident took place at the Osmanabad Superintendent of Police office. The clerk has been charged with indecency and accepting bribe. This action has been taken by Osmanabad Bribery and Corruption Prevention Department. (The clerk disturbed a female employee while accepting a bribe)

The clerk’s name is Ejaz Azim Sheikh. A 27-year-old female employee of the Osmanabad Superintendent of Police’s office had applied for the transfer. Ejaz Azim Sheikh, a junior clerk in the office, had demanded a bribe of Rs 10,000 from senior clerk Desai for his transfer. Ejaz Azim Sheikh has accepted a bribe of Rs 10,000 from him before the tribunal today.

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However, while accepting the bribe, Sheikh molested a female employee. While holding the bribe, you sat in my mind, you liked me from the first day, saying that Sheikh grabbed the hand of the female employee and humiliated her. Sheikh has been arrested in the case.

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The action was taken by the Osmanabad Bribery and Corruption Prevention Department. This action has been taken by the head of the department Ashok Hulge. His team consisted of Shidheshwar Tavaskar, Vishnu Bele, Vishal Doke and Avinash Acharya.

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