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Mr. Judge! Tomorrow I will appear at the court complex, here you should also come from the district court: Imran Khan himself MIGMG News

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Migmg news

Islamabad: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has filed a request to conduct the Tosha Khanna case hearing in the judicial complex instead of the district court. Advocate Babar Awan filed the application due to security reasons.

Lawyer Babar Awan took a stand in the application that according to the reports of the agencies, the security alert is going on in the office. Earlier there were incidents of terrorism in the district court of Islamabad, along with Imran Khan, common citizens are also threatened in the district court.

Imran Khan’s lawyer Babar Awan told the court that Imran Khan will appear in Islamabad courts tomorrow, 2 cases are in the court complex and 1 in the district court. Imran Khan is scheduled to appear before your court tomorrow in the Tosha Khanna case.

Advocate Babar Awan pleaded that there is space in the court complex. Listen to Imran Khan’s Tosha Khanna case at the court complex. The judge remarked that this is the first time he has heard that, Imran Khan will have to appear in court.

Lawyer Babar Awan said that the attack on former Prime Minister Imran Khan also happened for the first time, it is necessary that he should come to court, but more important is to save the life, the verdict should be passed so that I can appeal in the High Court.

The judge said keep the dates of your request, Imran Khan’s presence was supposed to be today.

Advocate Babar Awan said he would take security assurance from the Prime Minister, Chief Commissioner, Interior Minister and IG Islamabad in the district court. The judge said I have no jurisdiction to move the court.


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