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mumbai local news, woman lawyer molested in mumbai local; A shocking accusation was made against the police by tweeting; Said… – woman molested on train reports insensitive cops MIGMG News

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Mumbai: A 21-year-old woman was molested in a Mumbai local a few days ago. A shocking case of molestation by a mentally unstable person was revealed. However, now the victim in this case has blamed the railway police for being insensitive. The young woman narrated the incident through Twitter. GRP Commissioner Kesar Khalid has ordered an inquiry into the matter and a case of molestation has been registered. The search for the accused has been started.

The woman was on her way to Jogeshwari for personal work when a man molested her by inappropriately touching her in the women’s first class coach between Andheri and Jogeshwari stations. Then as the train approached Jogeshwari station, he jumped out and ran away. After this incident, the frightened woman reached the Andheri Railway Police Station to file a complaint.

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The victim had tried to lodge a complaint at two police stations in the city before coming to the Andheri GRP post. At this time she was crying and in a state of panic. She told the police that she had been molested and said she wanted to talk to the police. What does the word ‘rape’ mean to her? Asked that question. She also claimed that the woman was asked whether the criminal was her boyfriend. After this, the woman was shown the CCTV footage. When she identified the culprit, a female police officer told her that since she was a lawyer, she should have killed the man. While interrogating the woman, a single incident made her narrate three to four times. The woman has also alleged that her statement was recorded for three hours.

The place where the woman has been sexually harassed falls under the jurisdiction of the Borivali Railway Police. And the woman was told that this information would be forwarded to her. After this, this woman received another call from Borivali Railway Police Station in the evening, she was called once again to identify the culprit in the CCTV footage, the woman has also said. It was a painful incident in my life that I had to go to the police station again.

woman molested in mumbai local

My sole purpose in writing this is a humble request to sensitize the police force and make them aware and responsible for their own duties especially for such sensitive incidents,” she tweeted.

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