mumbai weather forecast: Mumbaikars waiting for rain; Deficit in Konkan including Mumbai by end of June – mumbai: monsoon picks up pace MIGMG News



M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: After the onset of monsoon in Mumbai, the presence of rains was not felt much. With only one week left till the end of June, Mumbai still has a deficit of rains. The situation is similar in the Konkan region. It remains to be seen whether this deficit will be filled to reach the monthly average. Mumbaikars are also facing the question of what will be the condition of water in the dam if the rainfall does not reach the average.

Mumbai did not receive much rain on Wednesday. Colaba received 0.2 mm of rainfall, while Santa Cruz received 0 mm. Sporadic showers with thunderstorms lashed some parts in the evening. Heavy rain is expected in some places in the next three days. After that, moderate showers are expected on Sunday. Even though the last week of June has come, Mumbai is still not aware that it is raining in June. Santa Cruz received 179.8 mm of rainfall from June 1 to June 22 at 8.30 am, while Colaba received 291.4 mm of rainfall. Compared to the average rainfall till June 22, Santa Cruz recorded a deficit of 162.3 mm and Colaba 56.2 mm.

Colaba received below average rainfall in 2012, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020. The largest deficit was recorded in June 2015 in Colaba. At this time, only 55.2 mm of rain was recorded during the month.

As of the third week of June, 22 out of 36 districts in the state have deficient rainfall, while eight districts have experienced severe deficit. Rainfall is in average range in only six districts. The state has recorded a deficit of 46 per cent rainfall till June 22. By the end of the third week of June, the average was 57% in Raigad, 61% in Ratnagiri, 51% in Ahmednagar, 77% in Kolhapur, 63% in Nandurbar, 60% in Nashik, 65% in Pune, 69% in Sangli and 77% in Satara. Percent rainfall deficit has been recorded. Marathwada and Vidarbha also have deficient rainfall; However, it is less than that of Konkan and Central Maharashtra. The highest deficit in Marathwada was recorded at 54 per cent in Jalna and 52 per cent in Gadchiroli in Vidarbha.

So much rain!

The average rainfall in Mumbai is expected to be 540.9 mm at Colaba and 505 mm at Santa Cruz in June. However, Colaba has received only 54 per cent of this average rainfall so far. In Santa Cruz, 36 percent of the average monthly rainfall has not yet fallen. The monthly rainfall in Santa Cruz in June, 2014 and 2020 did not reach the monthly average.



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