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Mumbai woman who cut up mother’s body used phenyl, air fresheners to mask stench MIGMG News

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Migmg news

The 23-year-old Mumbai woman, arrested for allegedly murdering her 55-year-old mother, chopped up the body and kept it in their house, used tea powder, 35-40 bottles of air fresheners and phenyl over a period of two months. to suppress the foul smell, police said.

The accused, Rimple Jain, had surfed the internet to find out how to cut up the body and suppress the foul smell, police said.

According to the police, Rimple claimed that her mother Veena allegedly fell from the first floor of their house on December 27 last year. Two men who worked in a Chinese restaurant located below their house helped bring Veena home.
Rimple claims that her mother, who suffered several injuries, including to her head, succumbed to her injuries. “She was not taken to a doctor and succumbed to her injuries at home,” said a police officer.

Rimple claimed that she was afraid of being blamed for her mother’s death and therefore started surfing the internet for ways to dispose of her remains, police said, adding that she bought an electric marble cutter from a shop near Lalbaug Market. to chop up the body.

“While using an electric marble machine, sickle and knife to allegedly cut her body, Rimple also used air fresheners, phenyl and tea powder to suppress the unpleasant smell so as not to arouse suspicion among her neighbours,” said the officer.

While the police are yet to reveal the motive for the murder, they say that earlier there were arguments between the mother and daughter.

On Friday, the police recorded the statement of a 27-year-old man regarding the murder. The man was interrogated for several hours, but was later allowed to go.

A senior officer said a team of Kalachowki police brought the man from Lucknow to record his statement while in touch with Rimple.

“We are recording the statements of everyone who was in contact with Rimple at the time the incident happened. The man also spoke to her often. He went to Uttar Pradesh, so we had to send a police team to bring him here,” the officer added.

According to police, the man was one of two people the accused said helped carry her mother to their house after she allegedly fell on December 27.


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