Mumbai woman’s attempt to order wine online wrong, scammed from Rs 4.8 lakh MIGMG News



The person told the woman to scan the QR code to get back the extra 30 rupees she had paid. (representative image)

The woman had searched Google for “wine stores near me” and the Om Sai beer shop in Powai were shown in the results.

Online wine ordering went wrong for a woman in Mumbai after she ended up scamming Rs 4.80 lakh. The woman lives with her husband and works in a private company. She had decided to order wine after her sister came to visit them at their house on April 4. The flight information was recorded by Powai Police on April 5, according to the Indian Express. According to the flight information, the woman had searched Google for “wine stores near me” and an Om Sai brewery in Powai’ had appeared in the results. The alleged scammer answered the woman’s call and told her that the store would not accept cash on delivery. A woman paid 650 rupees through Google Pay, but the fraudster called her and told her she had paid an additional 30 rupees. This is where the trick came in.

The person told the woman to scan the QR code to get back the extra 30 rupees she had paid. After scanning, immediately, Rs 19991 has been debited from her account and the money will be refunded. She called the scammer and was told it happened by mistake. Send her another QR code to scan it. This time, Rs 96,108 has been debited from her account. Police said the sequence was repeated until the woman eventually lost around 4.80,000 rupees in this way.

Every now and then, a horror story related to online purchases has been known to emerge. For example, last October, trying to book a birthday cake online for Rs 400, a 31-year-old doctor in Mumbai fell victim to a cyber crime and lost Rs 53,000 to a scammer who impersonated a bakery store employee. The doctor who works at a multi-speciality hospital in Gurgaon was searching for the contact number of Marwan Bakery on Google, when she inadvertently called the number of a scammer who tricked her into paying INR 400 because she wanted to book a birthday cake for her friend. Then, the criminal demanded 20 rupees to receive a receipt and another 15,236 rupees for registration which he claimed would be refunded soon. Claiming an error, the fraudster then cheated the doctor out of another 38,472 rupees after which he demanded payment of a whopping sum of 50,000 rupees.

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