Nagpur Election | When will the Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections be held? May, June that will last six months | When will the nagpur municipal corporation elections be held may june will be six months MIGMG News



There is a lot of discussion about when the Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections will be held. Some messages have gone viral. Accordingly, elections are said to be held in May, June. It is learned that elections will be held in six months. Nothing is clear yet.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation

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Nagpur: The majority of voters are OBCs. So with OBC reservation (OBC Reservation) All parties have agreed to hold elections. The legislature has unanimously passed a bill to return the power of local body elections to state bodies. The bill was approved by the governor. Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections are likely to be postponed for six months. However, the Supreme Court (Supreme CourtThere is talk that Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections will be held in May if the order is given. While it all started on social media (Social Media) The election schedule went viral. This has created confusion about Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Everyone is curious about when this election will take place. Because at present the power of Nagpur Municipal Corporation is in the hands of the administrator. None of the people’s representatives are working. The corporators are now ex.

Municipal election message goes viral

Nagpur: The code of conduct for municipal elections will come into force on April 15. Voting will take place on June 5 and counting will take place on June 10. The deadline for filing nominations is May 10 to 17. Future corporators get to work. The message went viral on social media. Therefore, the aspirants asked the corporation administration to ensure this. This message is fake. No such notification has been received from the Election Commission. Such an explanation was given by the municipal administration. However, there is no fact in this viral message, the corporation administration clarified. As a result, the pressure of the aspirants was lessened. Because as soon as this message went viral, it came into vertical action mode.

Will the ward be restructured?

The three-member ward structure was canceled. Elections are being held in two-member wards. Elections are likely to be held under the two-member ward system considering 50 per cent women’s reservation. It is learned that the State Election Commission has sent a letter to the state government regarding resumption of ward restructuring.

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