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netflix: Netflix Password: Users shocked! If you share password, you will have to pay extra charge, see Details – netflix confirms to stop password sharing MIGMG News


New Delhi: Netflix Password Sharing Policy: If you are a Netflix user and share your password with friends, this news is important for you. Netflix has come up with a new plan to control password sharing. The popular video streaming giant will phase out its password sharing feature later this year. According to Netflix executives, the process is expected to begin in October, the last three months of 2022. Earlier, it was reported that Netflix was charging extra for such customers. Whose account details have been shared with someone else.

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It was first used in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Where Netflix added a 2.99 surcharge on accounts that share their Netflix with someone else. And now Netflix is ​​likely to apply to every region where it works. The decision came after it was revealed that Netflix had lost nearly 200,000 members in the first three months of the year. This is the first time in a decade and shockingly, the company is expected to lose another two million customers in the coming months.

In a letter to shareholders as part of its first-quarter revenue results in April, Netflix officials said nearly 100 million users had shared passwords with other accounts. So, despite Netflix’s 221 million paying subscribers, the actual number should be higher. Not only that, the streaming giant has also revealed that they are bringing in ad subscriptions by the end of 2022. This means users will get a lower Netflix subscription. It will contain commercial advertisements. Notably, Netflix’s content is ad-free so far. If the Password Sharing Policy is implemented, it will cost you more if your Netflix account is run by other users. You will have to pay the charge.

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