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New Crow’s Limbs Guide Released, 12 Important Women’s Guides Including Lipstick, Nail Polish MIGMG News

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Women will make up according to the shade card set by the company, eye shadow, lipstick, nail color and hair shade card should be strictly followed, no color of your choice is allowed.

Air India flight
Air India flight

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Air India has issued new guidelines for male and female cabin crew members. According to the new guidelines, air hostesses will no longer be able to apply lipstick of their choice, nor will they be able to wear jhumkas. Now all Air India crew members have to wear the prescribed dress and adorn themselves as per the guidelines given. Let’s take a look at what the new guidelines have for women and what men are told to do.

Guidelines for female crew members:

  1. Women will apply makeup according to the shade card prescribed by the company. Eye shadow, lipstick, nail color and hair shadow cards should be strictly followed. Custom colors are not allowed.

  2. The use of foundation and corrector is mandatory.

  3. The color of the nail polish should match the uniform. Red and coral for red uniforms, pink and nude with blue uniforms, pearl white and French manicure will go with both uniforms.

  4. Gel polish and French manicure can be used by women.

  5. Apron is closed. Not wearable. The black blazer from the Indo-Western uniform has also been discontinued.

  6. Sarees or Indo-Western uniform socks must be worn. It should match the scan tone.

  7. The black cardigan issued by the company can be worn for climbing and deplaning in winter days. Cardigan and waistcoat are not worn together.

  8. Women cannot wear pearl jewelry. Round gold or diamond studs can be worn without any decorative design.

  9. Women can wear ‘bandhi’ only when wearing a saree. Its curvature should not exceed 0.5 cm.

  10. Women can wear one ring on both hands. Its thickness should not exceed 1 cm. Two rings on one hand are not allowed.

  11. A thin gold or silver bangle can be worn on both hands.

  12. The hairstyle should not be high. You can put black barrettes in your hair.

Guidelines for male crew members:

  1. Hair should be neatly trimmed. Hair color should be natural. He must not have brown hair. Modern hair dyes and henna are not allowed.

  2. If there is no hair on the head, shaving should be done daily. Must be shaved daily.

  3. He can only wear one ring. And there should be no design on it. Crow members belonging to the Sikh community may wear the ‘Kara’. Its thickness should not exceed 0.5 cm. The bracelet should be gold or silver. It should not have logos, designs or stones on it.

  4. A black jacket must be worn. Private connections are not allowed.

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