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Nina Gupta and Nupur Astana said I don’t know how to act MIGMG News


Amit Sadh is now a famous name in the Hindi film industry. The actor has been a part of some of the most appreciated movies like Phoonk 2, Kai Po Che, Sarkar 3, Gold and Super 30. He also made his presence felt on OTT with series like Breathe, Jeet Ki Zid and Avrodh. Now, in a recent interview, he mentioned that he was really bad with the first shot that took place, and there’s been a discussion about whether he could be part of his first project.

Amit Sade made his debut with Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr where he played the male lead role of Adi (Aditya Bhargav). In an interview with Indian Express, Amit Sad stated that he did not know anything about acting at all. But when he learns that Nina Gupta was doing a serial, his friend drops his picture in the office, and is auditioned to play one of the villain’s best friends, who is behind the antagonist. But fate had other plans and he fell as a hero.

He recalls that his first day of filming was awful and revealed, “It was a very simple scene where I got on a bike, parked it, greeted a girl and went up stairs. I took 40-50 reshoots and was given a really bad shot. We were able to finish filming, but after That called the team into a meeting and discussed with me that I was taking too much time to perform. Everyone including Nina Gupta, director Nupur Astana and others said I was so bad I don’t know how to act. But then they discussed that something was in my eye and I had the energy, so I must Stay. They thought I would learn on set.”

He also added, “I didn’t feel nervous. But you feel ashamed for not being able to do a simple thing. So, it was a feeling of humiliation. I think the team lowered their expectations, because they knew I couldn’t do better than this (laughs).” But I kept working hard and slowly showed improvement.”

Well, things have changed from there for good and now Amit Sade is a name to be relied upon in the industry.

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