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Nisha rawal extramarital affair, Nisha along with her supposed brother… Actor Karan Mehra exposes ex-wife Nisha rawal’s extra-marital affair MIGMG News


Mumbai: Actor Karan Mehra, who played the role of an ideal boy and husband in a TV serial, was arrested by the police last year for allegedly beating his wife. Although he is currently out on bail, the case has raised many questions.

In fact there were rumors that Karan Mehra and his wife and actress Nisha Rawal had a falling out. But Nishan said that these are rumours. Karan also did not give any reaction on this. But last year, Karan was arrested by the Mumbai Police on charges of domestic violence. After Karan’s arrest, Karan’s wife Nisha Rawal made serious allegations against him.
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As Karan appears in serials, he is not like that in real life. I kept quiet because it would affect his career. But now the time has come, the truth should come before everyone. Even after he told me he was having an extramarital affair, I tried hard to give the relationship another chance. But nothing positive happened from him. That’s why we came to the verge of divorce’, Nishan had revealed at this time. But in this case different things are coming up.

Now Karan has also made serious allegations against Nisha. Karan had said in an interview that Nisha had an extramarital affair. Now once again Karan has commented on Nisha’s affair. ‘She used to call Manele Bhau and now she is having an affair with him. I will not remain silent now, because I have proofs’, said Karan.
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His name is Rohit Sethia and Nisha has been having an extramarital affair with him for the past few months. He is staying with Nisha where I was staying. Karan has said that whoever this person is, he is also married and living with Nisha, leaving his wife and children.

Karan and Nisha were known as the perfect couple in the TV industry. In 2008, the two met for the first time on the sets of the film ‘Hansate-Hansate’. They got married in 2012 after dating each other for six years. In 2017 Nishan gave birth to son Kavish.


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