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Nisha Rawal | ‘Lock’ fame Nisha Rawal got emotional after her grandmother’s death shared such a video MIGMG News

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Nisha Rawal

Photo – Nisha Rawal/Insta

Mumbai: A mountain of sorrows broke on the famous small screen actress (Television) Nisha Rawal. His grandmother died on March 13. The actress’ grandmother died at the age of 90. Nisha Rawal became weak from inside after losing her grandmother. The actress fondly calls her grandmother as Amma. He expressed his grief on social media.

He shared a video of old memories with his grandmother on his Instagram account. Which shows her very beautiful bonding with her grandmother. Nisha Rawal also wrote a long emotional note sharing the video. He wrote: “Grandmas are special!” I used to call her Amma, she was a happy soul, she loved meeting new people, entertaining her friends and feeding me with her hands! My favorite memory of her is when she fed me ‘Bhatt Ka Saag’ in an iron pan and served it mixed with rice. All Pahari people will know what I am talking about.

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The actress further wrote, “He told me stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. He was my teddy bear and when I was little I loved to hug him and put my feet on his big belly. Whenever I met her, I would always paint her toes pearly white! She had the most beautiful feet ever! I had the privilege of watching his hair turn white with salt and pepper! His smile and energy were contagious! She was 90+ years old and passed away peacefully yesterday 03/13/2023.

I was supposed to meet him after my cricket league on the 4th and also took Kavish and mum to meet him in the ICU in the last few days but the accident prevented me from traveling as I was undergoing surgery where a rod is inserted connecting 2 of my broken bones, I’m on bed!” Nisha Rawal further wrote, “I will always remember her fondly for all my memories, stories, chocolates, food, because she saved me from scolding from other elders and pampered me like perfect grandma! I wish a happy life in heaven with my joyful grandmother! I will miss you forever Amma! Thank you for choosing me as your granddaughter!”

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