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NTC will have to lock up, process of closure is underway; Letter from the Ministry of Textiles – central government to close national textile corporation ntc mills mumbai MIGMG News


M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai National Textile Corporation An official letter has been sent to NTC by the Ministry of Textiles. As a result, millions of shopkeepers, shopkeepers and employees of NTC have been found in confusion and distress on hundreds of acres of land owned by the corporation.

NTC took over the spinning mills, which had closed in the 1970s, at exorbitant prices. Some of these mills were started a few years back. But NTC could not run that. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. At that time the mill workers lived in huts built on these lands for six to eight decades. Hundreds of shopkeepers are also there. In all these cases, the shopkeepers are being evicted from the premises by issuing notices for various reasons. A similar plan has been drawn up for the residents, NTC officials said in a hushed voice. It is clear that this is being done as the Delhi Darbari is preparing to close the NTC.

A letter from the Ministry of Textiles in this regard has reached Maharashtra Times. The Center has asked the Department of Public Industries (DPE) to start the process on January 19 to close the NTC. In this regard, the balance sheet of last two years should be sent to the Ministry immediately. The DPE will study the balance sheet and initiate further process to close the NTC, the letter said. The letter was also sent to NTC’s Mumbai office, which was verbally instructed to complete the NTC closure process by June, officials said.

What will happen to the employees?

As NTC closes in this way, 7,200 of its employees will also be in crisis. ‘If the corporation closes, the staff and officers should be accommodated in other departments. Otherwise, the families of all these employees will be affected, ‘a letter to this effect has been written by the NTC Employees Welfare Forum to the Central Government. The forum is chaired by Pratap Nitanvare, General Manager in charge of NTC Mumbai. The forum has decided to fight for the closure of NTC.



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