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Old Pension Scheme | Agitation for the old pension; The Federation of Castrib Employees became aggressive MIGMG News

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Agitation for the old pension;  The Federation of Castrib Employees became aggressive

yavatmal, A dharna movement was organized on behalf of Kastrib Employees Federation at Azad Maidan on behalf of Kastrib Employees Federation for promotion of Bahujan employees as per order of Supreme Court and implementation of old pension scheme of employees till 2005. . Under the old pension scheme and other states, the implementation of the old pension in the state of Maharashtra immediately, before 2004, under the old pension scheme, the employees were arranged after retirement. The pension scheme was based on the salary of the employees at the time of retirement. According to the scheme, after the death of retired employees, their families also got pension.

Injustice to new employees due to new scheme

The government has discontinued the old pension scheme for employees appointed after April 2005. A new pension scheme has been implemented in its place. The new scheme will do injustice to the new hires. Like the old employees, they demanded that the old pension scheme of the post-2005 employees be implemented. As soon as the government did not recruit attendants, drivers and various other temporary posts, agitation was done on behalf of the caste for regular officers and other demands. Castrib Employees Federation Divisional President Namdev Thul Rajendra Waghmare Kiran Mankar District President Castrib Employees Federation Anand Bhagat Atul Idpate District President Castrib Teachers Association Tushar Aram Swapnil Phulmali Ritesh Bhagatkar Vugrevul Bharat Bharat , Manwar, other employees including Deepak Munde, Rajesh Gujar, Harish Ramteke, Vanmala Raut, Avinash Vakode, Uttam Tul, Vijay Thaide participated.

3.40 lakh seats available

The government has stopped the promotion of backward civil service employees since 2017. The Supreme Court did not stop the promotion of Bahujans in relation to the reservation promotion of backward class employees. Even after giving such clear instructions to the state government in 2018, no firm decision has been taken till now. Because of this anger among the employees has been created towards the government. Along with this, more than 3 lakh 40 thousand seats are vacant. 1 lakh 15 thousand promotions are waiting to be given for promotion booking.

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