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Onion price | The economic situation of NAFED worsened due to the fall in the price of onions MIGMG News

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Nifad: Battling the Asani-Sultani crisis, farmers have grown their crops with great difficulty, but onion growers are facing an economic crisis due to very low onion prices. It is also learned that the economic situation of “Nafed” declined due to the fall in the price of onions.

Compared to last year, onion production increased this year, but income did not increase, this affected the economy of agriculture, so angry farmers and organizations protested at places like Niphad, Yeola, Dindori, Baghlan, Satana, etc.

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Farmers get good income from onion crop. Onion culture is definitely more profitable than wheat, bajra, gram, soybean. But the farmer has been in trouble for several years. The government cannot guarantee the price of red onions, because these onions do not last, but the government can give a price to support onions in the summer. The government should agree on the sale of summer onions before they are put on sale. For this, the government may also have to grant exemption from export duties. Considering the cost of onion production, it is necessary to get a support price of at least one thousand five hundred to two thousand rupees for the onion crop.

The demand for the purchase of onions from Nafed is in vain.

The request of the central government, for the relief of the onion growers, the ministers in the government to buy onions from NAFED. Red onions only last a month. Summer onions can be stored as it lasts for six months, moreover, if the market price of onions in the country increases suddenly, NAFED buys onions at market price so that the market price can be maintained by bringing NAFED’s onions to the market. It can be stabilized, it does not buy onions with a guarantee. That is why the demand for the purchase of onions from NAFED is useless.

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