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Organized Full Solution Day MIGMG News

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Azamgarh- Under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Vishal Bhardwaj, a total solution day was organized today at Tehsil Sagdi Auditorium.
On this occasion, the District Magistrate directed the officials concerned to solve the public problems quickly and with quality. He said that carelessness will not be forgiven at any level in this regard, quality and timely resolution of public problems is a priority of the Government.
On this occasion, a total of 123 cases were brought, of which 08 cases were resolved on the spot, and the District Judge gave instructions to the concerned officials to dispose of the remaining 115 cases within the stipulated period. The received cases include 80 cases of the Revenue Administration, 20 of the police, 14 of development and 09 others.
Directing all the officials concerned, the District Magistrate said that the departments from which the requests are received, ensure that they are disposed of with 100% quality as soon as possible.
The District Magistrate said that if the problems are solved at the initial level, then the public will not have to go to the headquarters. Therefore, on the basis of priority, the officials should solve the real problems of the people at the grass root level itself.
On this occasion, Chief Development Officer Prakash Gupta, SDM Sagdi Rajiv Ratan Singh, Tehsildar Sagdi, Director of Directors Dr IN Tiwari, District Development Director Sanjay Kumar Singh, District Supply Director Sunil Kumar were present. Pushkar and other district level officials.

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