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Pam Shriver’s inappropriate tennis relationship with 50-year-old coach Don Candy is a harsh lesson for athletes MIGMG News


American tennis star Pam Shriver rose to fame in 1978 after defeating legend Martina Navratilova at the US Open, and eventually went on to win several singles titles in a career that also saw a fruitful partnership with the Czechs.

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But, behind all the glory, lived a dark story that didn’t see the light of day until very recently when Shriver came out and talked about her awkward relationship with long-term coach Don Candy.

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of romantic adventures in a professional setting, last year the American tennis star revealed to the public her inappropriate relationship with nearly 50-year-old Candy at the age of 17.

The reasons for her reluctance to speak on this dubious subject for multiple reasons, most of which are understandable from a human level, make one sympathize with the young self, now 59 years old.

In the late 1970s when Shriver was aged, she began to develop feelings for her older coach despite the man’s marriage to Eileen Candy and he admitted that she had begun to fall in love with the Australian.

Now, there are absolutely no two ways on how Candy would handle this embarrassing situation from an ethical standpoint. Being much older, he should have warned young Shriver of the improper nature of possibility and put it right. However, life, it seems, is not so simple, and therefore the misguided endeavor began.

The relationship lasted for about 5 years before Shriver realized that the loss of the delicious relationship and the toxic nature of blurring professional and personal lines was having an enormous impact on her game.

After questioning the negative impact of ending the relationship with her coach on her tennis career, she finally decides to take a vacation from tennis and put an end to her ill-advised relationship with Candy. Professional and personal.

She changed coaches in the early ’80s as she began working with Hank Harris and later Eric Riley. After breaking up with Candy, Shriver has played some of the most successful tennis of her career collecting 15 titles and achieving an amazing win rate of around 80%. Although she used Candy as a training advisor, there was no attempt to rekindle the bond, for which she thanks her.

The star from Baltimore has highlighted the painful phase of her life as she now feels that the culture of silence around such situations needs to be broken and more people need to speak out about the same to empower and protect unknown or emerging athletes from such dangers that exist in the world of sport.

She believes that education is the key factor in instilling a fundamental change in the habits that have been followed over the years so that no opportunity for young athletes is allowed to be exploited in any way by senior staff or coaches.

The first and biggest obstacle to us is the culture of silence. If we are to protect the athletes of tomorrow, more people need to tell their stories. We’re talking about pitfalls that affect many, many people. The whole case should come out of the dark places of the sport. But are the authorities willing to listen? “

She feels that the widespread problem needs to be addressed from an institutional perspective with support from the ITF, WTA and ATP to instill mandatory training and learning programs for veterans working with young people. And, of course, applying strict laws and principles and reprimanding those who do not adhere to high moral and ethical standards.

She feels that young athletes must also be educated and informed of the dangers that arise when the boundaries between personal and professional life are blurred, particularly in the high-pressure world of sports bolstered by the growing and seemingly endless media attention. appetite.

Shriver urged the authorities to take a more cautious and sensitive approach to any measure dealing with the careers of up-and-coming athletes, which in turn will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the athletes’ personal lives.

Teens are no strangers to mistakes and poor choices. In fact, it may be one of those things that make the uncertain and baffling period of adolescence beautiful and crucial in building one’s personality. Little boys and girls should be given the freedom to go their own way and explore life as it is, but adults will be able to rest a bit if the authorities work hard enough and strive hard to build trust as beacons of righteousness who are willing to go the extra mile to protect the innocence and safety of the sons and daughters of millions of people Those who enjoy the purity and authenticity of sport in the highest degree.

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