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Pandharpur Accident | Maharashtra: 5-year-old nephew and grandmother killed, three injured in Pandharpur road accident. MIGMG News

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Pandharpur: A terrible calamity came to light from Pandharpur. Here, a car hit a family standing on the road at high speed. The grandmother and grandson tragically died in this collision. At the same time, three people were seriously injured. The injured were admitted to the hospital for treatment. After this accident, the police arrested the driver of the car.

The deceased grandmother’s name is Draupada Shivaji Atpadkar and grandson’s name is Siddeshwar Kalel. The boy’s father Namdev Kalel and his mother Rukmini Kalel were seriously injured in the fierce collision. He is lodged in Sangola Hospital.

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According to the information received, the Kalel family had gone to Mumbai in connection with employment. He was standing on the side of the road near Sherawadi on the Pandharpur-Atpadi road waiting for the passengers. Meanwhile, a car came at high speed from the front. Before they knew it, this car hit the Kalel family hard.

The accident was so terrible that the moving car went straight into the store. Due to which the wall of the shop fell down. In this terrible accident Draupada Shivaji Atpadkar died on the spot after coming under the car. On the other hand, Sideshwar died after the wall of the shop fell on Kalel.

As soon as the information about this terrible accident was received, the police together with the local population arrived on the spot. The police took the injured to the hospital. Due to this incident there is a great sensation in the area. For this, the police filed a criminal complaint against the car driver and detained him. The car involved in the accident allegedly belongs to a political leader.

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