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People took to the streets for democracy in Israel, raising concerns about the country’s future under Netanyahu MIGMG News

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The protests are widespread and unprecedented, but so far they have not forced Netanyahu to change his mind. His son called the protesters terrorists and said these people should be put in jail. Netanyahu accused the protesters of “trampling democracy” and even said that there could be a foreign hand behind these protests. His justice minister accused opponents, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, of attempting a “coup”. Netanyahu may seem adamant about radical change in the country’s judicial system, but there is every possibility that he will be forced to withdraw this proposal. The opposition is so long, strong and widespread that it will be difficult for Netanyahu to ignore it.

Democracy will survive in Israel, but it cannot be denied that it is going through very difficult times. The question is, will India be equally lucky? The Narendra Modi government has already launched an attack on the Supreme Court, even if it has been half as active in curbing the functioning of the executive compared to Israel. India’s Vice President and Law Minister have openly and repeatedly criticized the Supreme Court and advocated that India adopt the same formula of Netanyahu’s “Parliament is supreme”. Sooner or later India will have to face this severe attack on its struggling democracy. Unfortunately, the current state of key institutions such as India’s civil society, judiciary and police force does not give hope that an Israel-like opposition will emerge and be successful in defending the supremacy of the Constitution.


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